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Our accredited Veterans Benefits attorneys represent Veterans seeking Disability Compensation VA Benefits for service-connected or service-exacerbated injuries.

We take the burden off the Veteran and aggressively advocate on his or her behalf, regardless of the complexity of the claim.

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VA Disability Compensation Benefits

Fink Rosner Ershow-Levenberg represents Veterans appealing the denial of their claims for Compensation disability benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans with a service-connected or service-exacerbated injury are entitled to Compensation benefits.

Benefits are paid monthly, and the benefit amount is based on the Veteran's disability rating. To obtain a disability rating decision, Veterans should file an application for benefits at the local VA Regional Office, and call the Firm once a decision is received.

Veterans seeking Compensation benefits should seek legal advice upon receipt of an unfavorable rating decision in order to pursue an appeal.

We represent Veterans at all levels of appeal, including:

  • decisions of the local VA Regional Office,
  • hearings with the Board of Veterans' Appeals (BVA),
  • and appeals to the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC).

We can also assist you in collecting the necessary medical records, preparing expert witnesses for trial, and arguing your case.

VA Benefits: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is Veteran's Compensation?
A.  A monthly benefit provided based on the veteran's disability percentage rating.

Q.  Am I eligible for a veteran's compensation benefit?
A.  A veteran is eligible to receive compensation if s/he is presently suffering from a service connected or service-exacerbated injury.

Q. My application for veteran's benefits was denied. What can I do now?
A. Upon receipt of the unfavorable rating decision, immediately file a Notice of Disagreement, and contact our offices for a consultation, 732-382-6070.

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